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Bulby is a "minigolf-platformer" 3D game inpired by Kirby's Dream Course for PC. The objective is to guide Bulby through the stages and hit the enemies with the least number of shots possible until there is just one enemy left, which will turn into a hole where Bulby needs to get inside to clear the stage and advance in the game. The player will need to consider the angle, power, trajectory and even the spin of Bulby in each shot. Bulby can also benefit from abilities acquired by the last enemy hit (certain enemies).

The 4 player multiplayer is a fun way to spend time with your friends and see who is going to win the battle for the diamonds and become the champion!


- Single player campaign with 8 themed courses

- Up to 4 player multiplayer mode

- 10+ Power ups to use

- Unlock special courses collecting Diamonds

- Face powerful bosses

- Solve cool puzzles